I was born in 1968 in Ticino (Switzerland) and have been living in Zurich for many years.

My passion is the combination of art, design and precision engineering. I offer absolutely high quality design articles. Christian Petralli

Christian Petralli Portrait


Cigar aficionados will certainly be delighted with the new collection of cigar ashtrays.

The inventive, exclusive and modern cigar ashtray concept gives your smoking area, cigar lounge or simply your favorite place at home a touch of elegance, modernity and lifestyle.

The collection is the result of the unique inspiration of Christian Petralli, who combines his passion for cigars with his Swiss technical education in precision mechanics to create this exquisite design.

A cigar ashtray to enjoy, to show or to share with others.

Closeup Ashtray
Cigar and Ashtray
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